Gaylen Gerber, John Henderson, and DAS INSTITUT with Allison Katz, Family Business, New York, 2012

Press Release:

Family Business is pleased to present an exhibition with Gaylen Gerber, John Henderson, and DAS INSTITUT (Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder) with Allison Katz. The cooperative nature of the exhibition expands upon the vernacular character of Family Business. The gallery is small but its implications are large. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is that by its very nature Family Business treats art as informal and personal. It’s an affirmation of many of the more egalitarian aspects of art that underscore the artists’ individual and collective practices. The exhibition elaborates on this decentralization of attention, mixing gestures in a way that creates a visual field and makes it difficult to discern where one aspect of the exhibition ends and the next begins.

Gaylen Gerber, John Henderson, DAS INSTITUT and Allison Katz have all exhibited widely. This is the first time that they are exhibiting together.