Richard Artschwager / Gaylen Gerber / John Henderson, Golden Gallery, New York, 2012

Press Release:

Golden Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition with Richard Artschwager, Gaylen Gerber and John Henderson. Henderson asked Gerber to cooperate with him on the exhibition, and Gerber suggested the inclusion of Artschwager's work. Each artist is represented by a single artwork in a way that expands upon and conflates the parallels between context and expression, making visible the role of perception in understanding the way that image, object and context interrelate.

Henderson's cast of a theatrically gestural painting is the initial expression in the exhibition. Gerber then painted his monochromatic white Support directly over the entire gallery, including Henderson's Cast. Gerber's Support is in turn the ground for Artschwager's work Bristle Corner. The observable flow between artists and artistic positions that results from the works' literal overlap leads to an awareness of a broader system of relationships in art. Both background and expression become palpable and recognizable as interchangeable expressive elements in themselves. The result is an exhibition that seems absent until seen in its entirety.